Singapore Maid Levy How Much?

Is maid levy monthly?

You must pay a monthly levy for your foreign domestic worker (FDW). You may also qualify for a levy concession and apply for a levy waiver in certain situations.

How much is foreign worker levy in Singapore?

With the announcement, the levy rate for the basic tier of S-Pass holders is $330 while the levy rate for other S-Pass holders is $650. The levy rate for work permit holders in the construction, services and manufacturing sectors are between $300 and $950.

Is maid levy waived?

Foreign worker levies will be waived for all S Pass and work permit holders, including maids, during their stay-home notice periods from January to September, the Manpower Ministry (MOM) said on Thursday (Apr 1).

What is the minimum salary for S Pass?

S Pass holders currently earn at least S$2,500 a month, with older, more experienced applicants needing higher salaries to qualify.

What is a levy charge?

The noun levy refers to a charge, such as a tax, fine, or other fee, that is imposed on something. The verb levy is used to describe the act of imposing or collecting the charge. If you need to raise money, for example, you may decide to levy a fine on your family every time you have to make the coffee in the morning.

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Who is eligible for maid levy relief?

As an FDW employer, you can qualify for levy concession if you live with any of the following eligible person who is a Singapore citizen: Young child below 16 years old. Elderly person who is at least 67 years old.

How is maid levy calculated?

The daily levy rate is calculated as follows: (Monthly levy rate x 12) / 365 = rounding up to the nearest cent. The concessionary rate applies to families with a young child, elderly member or person with disability. Find out if you qualify for levy concession.

What is the minimum salary for Work Permit in Singapore?

First, you must earn a minimum monthly salary of $4,500 (from 1 September 2020). This requirement nearly doubles for older individuals with more experience. Even higher is the minimum qualifying salary for expats in the Financial Services Sector.

How do you calculate levy?

Multiply the number of workers in each tier by the levy rate:

  1. Levy tier.
  2. Levy bill for each tier.
  3. Total levy bill.

How do I claim a levy waiver?

How to apply. You need to apply online at CPF website. After logging in, choose Application for Waiver of Foreign Worker Levy (Business). You can check your application status online after 12 working days.

How do I claim foreign maid levy relief?

To claim this relief for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2021, you must satisfy all these conditions:

  1. You or your husband employed a foreign domestic worker in 2020; and.
  2. In 2020, you were: married and lived with your husband; or.
  3. Foreign Domestic Worker Levy (FDWL) Relief can only be used to offset your earned income.
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How do I apply for FDW levy concession?

How to Apply

  1. Get approval from the Ministry of Manpower. You need approval from the Manpower Ministry to be able to hire an FDW.
  2. Complete your FDW Levy Concession (PWD) Application Form.
  3. Undergo disability assessment.
  4. Submit your Application Documents to AIC.

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