Readers ask: Where Can I Buy Herschel Backpacks In Singapore?

What is the best backpack from Herschel?

Best Sellers

  • Herschel Little America Backpack. from $109.99. 35 Colors.
  • Herschel Classic Backpack | XL. from $59.99. 25 Colors.
  • Herschel Nova Backpack | Mid-Volume. from $69.99. 23 Colors.
  • Herschel Retreat Backpack. from $89.99. 26 Colors.
  • Herschel Nova Backpack | Mini. from $54.99. 7 Colors.
  • Settlement Backpack. from $69.99. 23 Colors.

Is Herschel backpack good quality?

Despite being made durable with quality materials, Herschel backpacks aren’t famous as being good for hiking or mountaineering. They’re a bit more formal. Most are only water resistant, not waterproof. These backpacks are really more for urban or predominantly indoor use.

Are Herschel bags still popular?

In its first year, Herschel sold a remarkable 8,000 backpacks. 8 years later, Herschel has become a globally recognized brand, selling millions of backpacks and other merchandise to an international audience. Today, Herschel Supply merchandise is sold in more than 5,000 stores worldwide.

Is Herschel a Filipino brand?

Herschel Supply Co. is a Canadian company selling hipster retro backpacks and accessories. The company was founded by Lyndon and Jamie Cormack in 2009 and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Herschel manufactures its products in 15 factories in China.

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Are Herschel backpacks waterproof?

Water-resistant, minimalist design and a variety of carrying options — what more do you need in a bag? Herschel Supply Co. is known for its bright, fun patterns and classic-looking backpacks that never go out of style. Each bag is water-resistant and comes in bright blue, white, black or grey.

How can you tell a real Herschel backpack?

Inspect the bag for a straight and consistent sewing pattern. Make sure there aren’t any irregularities. If you spot any, then it’s very much likely to be a fake.

Is Herschel Little America too big?

The Herschel Little America backpack is an ideal uni bag. The larger bag is excellent because there’s so much space, but it might actually be too big for what you need. If you’re just carrying a 13-inch laptop, notebook and lunch for the day, the mid-size Little America could potentially be more suitable.

Is Herschel leather real?

But the more I looked at pictures and in person, we noticed that the “leather” tabs and straps didn’t look real. Lo and behold, after a random google search, it turns out that almost all of it is synthetic: 3.

Are Herschel backpacks good for college?

This Herschel backpack is ideal for college students who want a more unique backpack design. It’s the perfect mix of casual and professional, thanks to its simple colorblock design. The small exterior pocket in the front is perfect for easy-to-grab essentials like lip balms or pens.

Is Herschel a high end brand?

Herschel Supply Co. is an incredibly successful fashion brand that opened its doors back in 2009. Over the last 6 years they have gained global recognition and collaborated with brands such as New Balance, Stussy, Coca-cola, Clarks, and Apple.

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Is Herschel a luxury?

Enjoy the many pleasures of Uptown Dallas when you call The Herschel home. Sitting adjacent to Highland Park, The Herschel is a boutique community of eighty luxury apartments.

Are Herschel bags made in China?

Even though its design aesthetics are firmly rooted in North American heritage, much of Herschel’s products are manufactured in China, a matter that the brand has happily maintained transparency around.

Is Herschel a designer brand?

Based in Vancouver, Canada Herschel Supply Co. is a design driven global accessories brand that produces timeless utility products.

Is Herschel ethical?

Herschel can largely be seen as an unethical brand because of their unverifiable ethical claims. While they share their Code of Conduct, they lack transparency by not disclosing any details of fair labor. The brand, however, does have an eco collection and gives back to the community.

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