Readers ask: What To Do In Singapore When Its Raining?

What to do in lockdown when it’s raining?

Family Fun – What To Do On A Rainy Day During Lockdown?

  • We are a company who are mad keen on Dinosaurs toys so obviously the first thing we would recommend as a rainy day activity is Dinosaur crafts.
  • Cooking.
  • Podcasts.
  • Plan an adventure for your favourite dinosaur toy.
  • Visit a Museum Online.
  • Water.

What activities do you do when it’s raining?

7 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do In The Rain

  • Go on a rain hike. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t go on a hike!
  • Play, with your feet. Most of us have jumped in some puddles in our lifetime.
  • Make art.
  • Find a new use for your pots and pans.
  • Put on your own musical.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Help out some wormies.

What to wear in Singapore when it rains?

Practical Dressing Tips During Singapore’s Monsoon Period

  • Raincoats.
  • Keep your stuff dry.
  • Stay away from light colours.
  • Wear “short” clothing.
  • Lightweight fabrics.

Does it rain all day in Singapore?

Re: Does it rain every day in Singapore?! Generally Singapore is hot and wet all year round. Historically February is the driest month (there was couple of years where we had bush fires in February) while November and December are wettest due to North east monsoon rains.

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What to do if it rains at Sentosa?


  1. Check Out the Attractions at Universal Studios.
  2. Escape reality at HeadRock VR.
  3. Step up your Instagram Game at Trick Eye Museum.
  4. Eat, Eat, Eat.
  5. Go for an Indoor Skydive.
  6. Check Out the S.E.A.
  7. Rub Shoulders With the Stars.
  8. Go Back in Time.

What do you do during lockdown?

Bored at home? 36 fun & productive things to keep you entertained

  • Set goals.
  • Learn a language.
  • Take a course.
  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Learn to play an instrument.
  • Get reading.
  • Give your home a spring clean.
  • Take up photography.

How do you have fun in lockdown?


  1. Assign someone the ‘happy hour host’ and ask them to give a live cocktail masterclass.
  2. Assign ‘drinking games masters’ and ask them to orchestrate some drinking games and forfeits.
  3. Play a good old game of charades.
  4. Get one person to mute themselves and mime phrases and see who can read their lips the best.

What do couples do in lockdown?

The Best Lockdown Date Ideas

  1. Create a Hotel-Style Breakfast Spread. Rick Stein.
  2. Book a Tennis Lesson with Serena Williams. Masterclass.
  3. Go to an Online Exhibition. Unsplash.
  4. Make Pots. Sculpd.
  5. Upgrade Your Banana Bread. Dominique Ansel.
  6. Live Stream a Comedy Night. Unsplash.
  7. Go to a Virtual Gig. Unsplash.
  8. Take a Dance Class. Unsplash.

What do we need for rain?

Rain is needed as a source of fresh water, which is essential for the survival of humans, plants and animals. Rain fills aquifers, lakes and rivers, maintaining the lives of living organisms. Rain is essential because it removes the need for transporting water inland and desalination activities.

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Do you need a jacket in Singapore?

The Park: anywhere outside in Singapore, you want to wear as little as possible. Singles and shorts / skirts are the most comfortable. This is actually a good occasion to wear a jacket as well. Most cinemas are inside shopping malls, so you can try on your ‘warmer’ clothes for once.

Is there a dress code in Singapore?

Is there an official dress code in Singapore? There is no official dress code in Singapore, and while getting hot and heavy with your boyfriend is a no-no and walking around your apartment naked is an offence that can incur a fine, what you wear in and around the city is totally up to you.

How do I dress in Singapore?

Most women tend to wear loose skirts and dresses to keep cool, however shorts and a t-shirt are common sights. Choose plain coloured shorts to easily mix with tops. Thin breathable leggings will be warmer in air-conditioned places and a pair of Palazzo pants look stylish in the evening.

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