Readers ask: What Time Hai Di Lao Singapore Close?

Is Hai Di Lao Open on CNY?

Hai Di Lao (Marina Square) What is a Chinese New Year feast without a piping hot pot meal? Four outlets, Clarke Quay, [email protected], Vivocity, and Marina Square, will remain open.

Can we book Hai Di Lao?

Bookings can be made a week prior to the actual Haidilao meal. For most outlets, bookings can be made up to 1 week prior to the meal. The Clarke Quay and Century Square branches, however, allows for booking a whole month before the actual meal.

How many Haidilao outlets are there in Singapore?

The first overseas Haidilao store was opened in Singapore in 2012, marking the first step in its global expansion. Since 2012, 12 stores have been launched in Singapore.

Can I bring wine to Hai Di Lao?

For those who’d love a drink to go with their meal, you can now bring your own drinks at Hai Di Lao! If you have bottles of wine or hard liquor that you would like to enjoy with your meal, the staff at Hai Di Lao will open your bottle for free, as there are no additional corkage fees involved.

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Who is the boss of Hai Di Lao?

As explained earlier, Haidilao is so successful because of a cohesive and coherent business model built up consistently across the strategic, political and cultural dimensions. Many factors are closely intertwined.

Can I bring my own food to Haidilao?

Hack 1: Bring your own beverage You can bring your own drink into Haidilao! The boys were even provided with ice to go along with their drinks.

Which Haidilao is best in Singapore?

Even there are a hundred steamboat restaurant in Singapore, Hai Di Lao maybe not the best one, but Hai Di Lao is the worth one for the food quality and service. The Hai Di Lao at Seletar Mall is one of another…

What is good at Haidilao?


  • Pork Belly Slices.
  • Black Pork.
  • US Beef Slices.
  • Hai Di Lao Style Beef.
  • Hai Di Lao Style Fresh Tripe.
  • Tender Chicken.
  • Crispy Meat.
  • House Made Noodles.

Is Haidilao beancurd free?

Free Hai Di Lao membership to chalk up points to redeem branded gifts. The gifts change every few months, so you’ll always be surprised by what’s offered next. Image credit: HaiDiLao Singapore. It’s completely free to be a member so just notify any of the staff of your request and you’re in the fam.

What is free at HaiDiLao?

In the Chinese HaiDiLao outlets, waiting guests can opt for complimentary massages, salon services, web browsing with the restaurants’ computers, car washes, snacks, drinks, and more. Customers can spend their idle time chatting with friendly employees, reading magazines, or playing mahjong among themselves.

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How do I check my HaiDiLao queue?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Scan any of the QR codes below according to the outlet you’re planning to go to.
  2. The link will take you to a page showing the current status of the queue.
  3. If you did manage to secure a queue number, all that’s left to do is wait.

How does Hai Di Lao delivery work?

The holy grail of hotpot chains, Hai Di Lao delivery is able to come by your house and transform your living room into a mini outlet. Between 30 minutes to two hours* of your ordering time, a team of staff members will arrive to set up the cooker and your chosen ingredients.

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