Readers ask: What Time Does The Night Safari Start In Singapore?

What time does Night Safari starts?

The Night Safari is open daily from 7.15 pm. Admission is based on one of four time slots, 7.15 pm, 8.15 pm, 9.15 pm and 10.15 pm. You will need to select a time slot to enter the Night Safari when purchasing your tickets.

How long do you need at the Night Safari?

2-3 hours at least. Once inside for your session you have to queue to get on the open bus that takes you around the zoo. This took nearly an hour.

Is Rainforest Lumina part of Night Safari?

IS this part of night safari? No, this is a separate experience happening at Singapore Zoo after dark. To get the ultimate wildlife experience, we encourage you to visit Singapore Zoo in the day followed by Rainforest Lumina or purchase the ‘Night Safari Plus’ combo to enjoy both Night Safari and Rainforest Lumina.

What happens if it rains at night safari?

We get occasional showers or downpour in these parts. If the rain gets too heavy, hop on our tram or seek shelter in a stall or gift shop (near the entrance). In case of lightning, do head indoors immediately for your safety.

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Is River Safari worth going?

All at a small price of less than S$30. Less animals, less exhibits = lesser value for your ticket prices. For us, its an experience definitely worth the small entrance fee. Btw, the Amazon River Quest boat ride is not worth paying an extra $5.

Can you walk around the Night Safari?

Tip #5. The Night Safari tram runs at scheduled times throughout the night and allows you to see some animals and parts of the park that walking alone cannot offer, such as elephants, male lions and free roaming deer. But almost everyone heads for the tram first resulting in long wait times.

Which is better Night Safari or river safari?

As you are going for the zoo and bird park, River Safari is a better option in comparison with Night Safari. over a year ago. As you are going to the zoo, River Safari is a better option in comparison to Night Safari. I have only been to Night Safari but that is what the Singapore Zoo is famous for.

Can I bring food into Night Safari?

Can I bring food into the park? Yes, while food options are available at our restaurants, we do understand that some guests may need to bring their own food into the park for various reasons.

What should I wear to Night Safari Singapore?

As you visit the Night Safari, you should generally be wearing long pants and light tops. Apply insect repellent if you feel like you attract bugs.

How long is the River Safari Boat Ride?

Ride duration: 10 minutes. First boat departs at 11.00am. Limited seats available (on a first-come, first-served basis) Children must be at least 1.06m to take the ride.

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Is Night Safari and Singapore Zoo same?

Re: Singapore Zoo & Night Safari – is this the same ZOO? Hi Rahul D, No, they are 2 separate attractions although they are located adjacent to each other. The Night Safari showcases nocturnal animals.

How do you use the SRV at Night Safari?

Here’s How

  1. Step 1: Choose your park experience* Browse our ticketing portal and look out for eligible products marked with “SRV Accepted”
  2. Step 2: Login using SingPass.
  3. Step 3: Activate child/youth subsidies.
  4. Step 4: Use the generated voucher code and checkout.

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