Readers ask: What Is Mcst Singapore?

How many MCST are there in Singapore?

How many MCSTs are there in Singapore? Based on the latest data from BCA on, there are currently 4,593 registered MCSTs.

Is MCST under BCA?

Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) | Building and Construction Authority (BCA)

How is MCST formed?

To form an MCST, the builder applies to the Building and Construction Authority(BCA) following the issue of Temporary Occupation Permit(TOP) by the Commissioner of Buildings(COB) when the construction has been completed and it meets all the requirements for the owners to live in the building.

What is a MCST sale?

They are Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) sales. Such sales occur when the MCST of a development puts the unit up for sale after the owner defaults on the monthly maintenance fees and sinking fund, according to Section 43 of the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act. (

What is common property Singapore?

The second limb of the definition of “common property” means “ in relation to any land and building comprised or to be comprised in a strata title plan, such part of the land and building used or capable of being used or enjoyed by occupiers of 2 or more lots or proposed lot”.

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Who controls MCST?

It is legally obliged to do so within 2 months from the issuance of the Temporary Occupation Permits (TOP) to the new homeowners. After the first Annual General Meeting (AGM), the responsibilities of and control over the management is given to the property owners.

Does MCST have UEN?

Every building’s MCST has an associated UEN number. You can easily find this information by searching for your MCST number, development name or road name on this Building and Construction Authority database.

What is a 2 tier management system under the MCST?

A 2-tier MC system [Sections 76. to 83] will comprise: (a) A top tier MC to take care of common property common to all e.g. drive way, car parks etc. used by all subsidiary proprietors (SP) in the development.

What is MCST sinking fund?

When you buy a condominium, you’d need to pay a monthly maintenance fee. This fee is paid to the MCST, who will split the funds into a management fund and a sinking fund. The sinking fund is collected for future capital needs, such as painting or the replacement of common property.

What is strata title in Singapore?

A strata title development refers to a housing unit in vertical level (or layers) above land, which includes a unit on the ground floor. Taken independently outside the context of the Land Title (Strata) Act, the word ‘strata’ refers to a housing unit in the airspace.

What strata means?

A strata scheme is a building or collection of buildings that has been divided into ‘lots’. Lots can be individual units/apartments, townhouses or houses. When a person buys a lot, they own the individual lot and also share the ownership of common property with other lot owners.

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What is JMB and MC?

The general understanding is that both the Joint Management Body (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC) are entrusted with the powers and responsibilities to manage common areas of stratified developments, enforce by-laws and collect maintenance charges and contributions to the sinking fund and others.

What is a subsidiary proprietor?

A subsidiary proprietor (SP) is a purchaser to whom the developer has transferred ownership of a unit, as shown on the strata certificate of title. Each SP is required to pay a certain amount of contribution to help maintain and manage the common property of the development.

What is subsidiary certificate of title?

Subsidiary Strata Certificates of Title are issued for units in a building or development which is strata subdivided. This enables the transfer of the legal titles for the strata units.

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