Readers ask: How To Manage Booking Singapore Airlines?

Can I reschedule my Singapore Airlines flight?

To change your travel dates, simply log in to Manage Booking and select your new flights. To change your destination, please contact your local Singapore Airlines ticketing office or your travel agency or third-party website—depending on who you purchased your tickets from.

How do I find my booking reference number Singapore Airlines?

The first step to checking your Singapore Airlines PNR status is visiting the official page of the carrier. In the ‘Plan travel’ tab, navigate to ‘Your Booking’ option. Once there, click on ‘Manage booking. ‘ You may enter your SQ Booking Reference number, which is a code comprising 6 letters and numbers.

How do I check my flight booking?

Go to the website of your airline. Enter the reservation, confirmation or credit card number and you will see a screen view of your flight schedule. Print this out and take it with you or save it on your mobile phone or laptop screen for viewing later.

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How do I book my seat on Singapore Airlines?

If you choose not to select your seats in advance, complimentary seat selection is available once online check-in is open, 48 hours before your flight departs. You may then select from any remaining seats at or at the check-in counter when you get to the airport.

How many times can I change my flight Singapore Airlines?

You may postpone your trip by changing your travel dates via Manage Booking. You may make unlimited changes to your travel dates before 30 September 2021 with all change fees waived. After 30 September 2021, you may enjoy a complimentary one- time change to your travel dates.

Can I cancel my Singapore Airlines flight?

You may cancel your Singapore Airlines ticket online for a refund if you’ve purchased a ticket directly from Singapore Airlines, on a refundable fare. If you cancel a non-refundable ticket, only the taxes will be refunded. To qualify for a refund, you must cancel your ticket within the deadline stated on your booking.

How do I find my airline ticket number?

Find the airline code and ticket number on an electronic ticket. Find the airline code and ticket number on a paper ticket. On a paper ticket, the airline code and ticket number is located at the bottom center of the ticket.

How do I find my booking reference number?

A booking reference is a unique code used by the airline to identify your reservation on their systems. It can be found on your booking confirmation email and e-ticket. It may appear under different names such as ‘booking reference’, ‘reservation reference’, ‘booking code’, or ‘PNR’ (Passenger Name Record).

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Is premium economy worth it on Singapore Airlines?

The seats on Singapore Airlines Premium Economy The pitch is 38 vs. 32 in regular Economy seats or 60 in Business Class. On paper, you can already see that the seats are much better than in regular Economy class, and in fact, they feel more than proportionally better than the figures would say.

How can I check if my ticket is confirmed?

This is quite common and to find out whether your ticket is confirmed you need to check your current PNR status. You can easily do this online at To see the current status of your train ticket on the IRCTC booking system waitlist, just use the form at the top of this page.

How can I check if my flight ticket is confirmed?

It’s very easy to check the validity of your flight reservation. You can Google “airline name + Manage Booking” or go to the homepage of the airline and look for the page or link called “Manage My Booking” or “Manage Booking” or any variation of this.

Is it better to check in online or at the airport?

Online check-in is always better, if nothing else from a convenience standpoint. If you check-in online you can typically still pick some pretty decent seats. If you check-in at the airport counter, you are stuck with whatever seats your fellow passengers didn’t want.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

Enter your Booking number and last name to view your itinerary. From the travel itinerary page you can scroll down and click the link “Choose Seats.” Keep in mind that airlines do charge more for select seating. If you are not able to view any seats, do not be worried.

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Can I change my seat after online check in Singapore Airlines?

Can I change my flight after checking in? Yes, you can by getting in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office or visiting any of our service counters at the airport.

How much does it cost to pre book seats on Singapore Airlines?

You may select a Standard Seat for free when you book a Standard or Flexi fare type, or when you travel with a child or infant. When you book a Lite fare type, you may select a Standard Seat in advance for a fee starting from USD5 per flight segment.

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