Quick Answer: Where To Buy Car Park Coupons In Singapore?

Is parking coupon still valid in Singapore?

SINGAPORE – Parking coupons will soon become obsolete when a new mobile app, Parking.sg, becomes available for download from October.

Is parking coupon still valid?

You can exchange expired parking coupons for new coupons, provided that at least one segment of the tab remains intact and there is no irregularity, such as folds or creases. These include: A wrongly torn coupon – for example, the coupon was meant for 1 Feb 2016 but the date was wrongly torn as 2 Feb 2016.

What can you do with old parking coupons in Singapore?

A: Motorists can bring their old parking coupons to HDB Branches/Service Centres (except the Tampines Branch) and The URA Centre, and exchange them for the new ones by topping up the new value. Motorists can also get cash refunds for their old coupons there.

How can I pay my Singapore car park?

You can now pay for parking using your mobile device via the Parking.sg mobile app instead of displaying coupons.

What is coupon parking in Singapore?

If you are parking at a car park with the parking coupon system, and do not have a valid season parking, you need to display valid parking coupons. You can also choose to pay for parking charges digitally through the Parking.sg mobile app at these car parks.

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Where can I get parking coupon?

Where to Buy Parking Coupons

  • Petrol Stations.
  • Cheers.
  • 7-Eleven.
  • Any HDB Branch (except Tampines and Bukit Panjang Branches)
  • Any appointed sales outlets.

What is coupon parking?

Coupon parking zones allow you to park for longer than 2 hours near the central city.

How do you use a parking coupon?

To use the parking coupon the user has to completely scratch off panels on the date and time in which he/she leaves the vehicle. The coupon is displayed on the dashboard.

How much is HDB overnight parking?

HDB Overnight Parking and Other Short-term Parking Charges $0.60 per half hour. For car parks with Night Parking Scheme, it is capped at $5 per night (10.30pm to 7.00am).

How much does it cost to park at HDB?

For car parks implemented with EPS, parking charges are still based on the current coupon parking charges, that is, 60 cents per half an hour for non-restricted area car parks, and $1.20 per half an hour for restricted area car parks. The only difference is that the charges are now calculated on a per-minute basis.

What is the best parking app?

After reading this list, you may soon find yourself looking forward to hopping behind the wheel and driving into the city.

  • Best Parking.
  • Parker.
  • SpotHero.
  • ParkWhiz.
  • Parkopedia.
  • ParkMe.
  • Airport Parking Reservations.
  • ParkMobile.

Which driving app is best?

Top 10 Driving Apps That Are A Must For 2021

  1. Waze. Cost: Free. Available: IOS & Android.
  2. Smart Dash Cam. Cost: Free. Available: IOS & Android.
  3. Petrol Prices. Cost: Free. Available: IOS & Android.
  4. Just Park. Cost: Free.
  5. Find My Parked Car. Cost: Free.
  6. PlugShare. Cost: Free.
  7. MileIQ. Cost: Free.
  8. CityMapper. Cost: Free.

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