Quick Answer: What Is B2 Industrial Use In Singapore?

What is B2 industry?

B1 industrial means light industrial for business without noise,air pollution created mostly for warehousing,storage or office usage. B2 means heavy industrial normally for business like manufacturing, auto motives repairing and almost any trades.

What is B2 property?

Class B2 is the broadest industrial category Covers a wide range of “general industrial” uses, which will include typical manufacturing, engineering, production and machine construction or repair facilities. B2 sites include heavier industrial purposes that aren’t going to be placed near urban or residential areas.

What is B1 Singapore?

Business 1 (Industrial) Industrial developments comprise factories, warehouses, telecommunication and utility buildings. Depending on the nature of their activities, clean and light industries are allowed in Business 1 (B1) zone. General and special industries are to be located in Business 2 (B2) zone.

What is industrial property in Singapore?

Singapore industrial property mainly consists of factory space, warehouse space and industrial land. It is classified under 3 zone, Business 1 ( B1 ), Business 2 ( B2 ) and Business Park.

What is the difference between warehouse and factory?

Factories are industrial sites made up of buildings and machinery used for manufacturing goods and processing materials. Warehouses are commercial buildings prioritized for storing raw materials and manufactured goods. Like factories, warehouses are usually located in industrial areas near major rail and road routes.

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What is B1 industrial use?

B1 is usually intended for light and clean industrial use while B2 sites may be used for heavy industries that have a greater environmental impact.

What is Zone B2?

The B-2b zone is intended to provide neighborhood and community retail, business and service establishments that are oriented to and built close to the street. Such locations may include the peninsula and other arterials and intersections with an existing urban or neighborhood oriented building pattern.

What is use class B2?

B2 General industrial – Use for industrial process other than one falling within class E(g) (previously class B1) (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill or hazardous waste)

What does B2 Planning cover?

Use Class B2 (general industrial) relates to industrial process other than those falling within Use Class B1 (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill or hazardous waste).

What is a B1 property?

B1 – Business An office not in use within the B2 category (i.e. financial or professional). Development or research of processes or products. Any industrial process, excluding practices which would result in an increase of noise, smell, pollution and other harmful or disturbing emissions.

Can B1 be used as office?

B1 Industrial – Buildings on land zoned B1. Classified as clean & light industrial usage. Usually for businesses that require a large amount of storage space within their office, Research & Development, IT, ICT and Media companies.

Can I use CPF to buy industrial property?

Unlike Residential Properties CPF funds may be utilised for residential properties such as HDB, condominium units or landed properties but not for industrial or commercial properties.

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How much is a industrial unit?

Industrial buildings per se are expensive; however, many strata-titled industrial units are affordable for individual investors with a price range between $500,000 – $1,000,000. Tenure period for industrial properties are usually either 30 years or 60 years.

What is difference between commercial and industrial?

“Industrial” refers to any business dealing with manufacturing goods. “Commercial” refers to any business done with the sole motive of gaining a profit.

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