Quick Answer: How To Buy From Taobao Singapore?

Can Taobao ship direct to Singapore?

All your items will be sent to Taobao’s warehouse in China to be registered, and then immediately sent to you directly as individual packages. You’ll pay for the shipping fee together with the item. You have to negotiate with the seller directly for them to ship directly to Singapore.

How much is Taobao shipping fee Singapore?

By sea: From $0.70/500g for parcels up to 30kg, $40 flat for parcels amounting from 30 to 80kg (0.5cbm), and $80 flat for parcels amounting from 80 to 160kg. For items 160kg and above, it’s $0.80/cbm. Ezbuy also charges a $5 delivery fee to ship items to your doorstep within Singapore.

Where is Taobao in Singapore?

Taobao fans can now take their shopping sprees offline at the new retail concept Nomadx at Plaza Singapura. Spanning 11,000 square feet across two levels of the mall, Nomadx houses Singapore’s first physical Taobao store, as well as 17 other brands offering fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, food and drinks.

Can you buy from Taobao International?

Taobao, a famous online shopping website based in China with everything you need, at a cheap price. The downside is that it’s all in Chinese. For those who can’t read the language, ordering from Taobao is a headache. you’ll avoid agent’s fees of up to 10% and the expensive international shipping fee they charge.

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Does Taobao have an English version?

From sign up to checkout, a complete English guide to shopping on Taobao and Tmall. Unfortunately, there’s no English version, so if you can’t read Chinese, then the sites can be a bit daunting – even with Google Translate.

Is Taobao or ezBuy cheaper?

ezBuy Prime vs Taobao: Total cost With shipping also included from both sides, Taobao is actually cheaper by ~$17.80. Plus, Taobao includes free doorstep delivery by default, while ezbuy Prime only has free self-collection (doorstep delivery is chargeable).

Is Taobao safe to buy from?

More or less Taobao is very safe. They offer wide range of products and at the same time they sell it at very cheap prices. Not all products they sell though are authentic or original so be careful about that.

Does Taobao have free shipping?

Good news! Taobao has introduced a Free Shipping Zone where you can enjoy free shipping for certain products to your doorstep in Singapore. There’s usually a minimum spend of ¥299 (~S$60.70) for products within this Free Shipping Zone section to qualify.

Does Taobao have office in Singapore?

SINGAPORE–Alibaba’s e-commerce business unit Taobao Marketplace has opened an office in Singapore to serve as the company’s Southeast Asia hub, supporting its customers and presence in this region.

How does Taobao calculate shipping?

when you buy several items from the same Taobao seller domestic shipping will be calculated only once. Domestic shipping fee is calculated on flat rate of 15RMB per seller.

How can I buy things from Taobao?

How To Shop On Taobao: A Detailed Step-By-Step Taobao Guide 2020

  1. Allow Page Translation On Google Chrome. Can’t read Chinese?
  2. Register For An Account.
  3. Fill Up Your Shipping Address In Your Settings.
  4. Time To Shop.
  5. Evaluate Items And Add To Cart.
  6. Confirm.
  7. Check Out.
  8. Shipping Fee Payment.
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How do you pay in Taobao?

To pay Taobao items, you can use your international or local credit card. We accept payments by international credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD) and many local payment cards. We also accept Webmoney, RBK Money, Contact, Western Union and China local bank wire transfer. For international buyers we use USD as main currency.

How long can items stay in Taobao warehouse?

Your items can only be stored at the warehouse for a maximum of 20 days. Subsequently, you’ll be charged ¥1 (Chinese yuan) per day for storage.

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