Question: Where Can I Get Duromine In Singapore?

Will my GP prescribe duromine?

Duromine is available only with a doctor’s prescription.

Does duromine need a prescription?

For this reason, Duromine is not available over the counter in South Africa, requiring a doctor’s prescription. Your doctor will assess whether or not the drug is the solution to your weight problems and whether you are indeed overweight enough to need it.

Do you need a prescription for duromine 30mg?

Duromine is available only with a doctor’s prescription. Your doctor may prescribe Duromine for another purpose. If you are not sure why you are taking this medicine ask your doctor.

How bad is duromine for you?

Duromine is one of the oldest diet pills in the marketplace. Phentermine can cause restlessness, insomnia, agitation, increased heart rate, headaches, increased blood pressure, dry mouth and vomiting.

How long does a duromine script last?

Generally, prescriptions remain valid for 12 months from the date of prescribing.

Can you drink alcohol on duromine?

DO NOT drink alcohol whilst taking Duromine. Check with your doctor or pharmacist before you start to take any cough or cold medication.

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Will duromine give me energy?

Duromine, which is a brand name for the drug Phentermine, has similar characteristics to amphetamines. It suppresses appetite and increases energy levels which promotes weight loss.

Can I take duromine at night?

The best time to take Duromine is first thing in the morning, as it can cause sleeplessness if taken at night. It is important that you take the dose the doctor has recommended for you. Taking more than the recommended dose will increase the side effects you experience and may not increase the effect on weight loss.

How easy is it to get duromine?

Duromine is only available via prescription by a doctor. You have the option of seeing a doctor face to face, or seeing an online doctor here on GP2U. In either case your doctor will make an assessment about your suitability for the medication and make sure you understand both the risks and the benefits.

How much weight will I lose on duromine?

Effective for Weight Loss The expected average weight loss with phentermine use is 5% of your initial body weight. Yet, over 12 weeks, it can be as high as 10%. This equates to a weight loss of 10–20 pounds (4.5–9 kg) for a 200 pound (90.7 kg) person ( 8 ).

How does duromine make you feel?

Generally, when you take Duromine, most people will experience an increase in heart rate and also blood pressure. Some patients may also experience restlessness, insomnia and heart palpitations. On the more serious side, it is documented that Duromine can be addictive, because it is a pure and simple amphetamine.

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Can I take duromine every second day?

It would not help to take Duromine every second day, but it may be possible to reduce the dose. However, if you don’t feel well when taking this medication it may be better to stop taking it – the doctor or pharmacist will have to advise you.

What duromine does to your body?

Duromine is used to reduce body weight in obese or overweight patients. Your doctor will assess whether Duromine is suitable for you. Duromine works by directly affecting the area of the brain that controls your appetite making you feel less hungry.

Can you exercise while taking duromine?

The hypertension and cardiovascular effects are the most important while doing exercise. If you should in any way feel faint, dizzy or develop palpitations then you must stop combining exercise with this drug.

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