Question: How Much To Send Parcel To Singapore?

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Singapore?

Cheapest Shipping to Singapore The cheapest way to send a parcel to Singapore is with DPD Drop Off International.

How much is postage from UK to Singapore?

To send a parcel to Singapore from the UK the costs are essentially the same as other countries in the region, with great transport infrastructure. You can have it delivered from around just £12.89 plus VAT with DPD PickUp Classic.

How do I send a package to Singapore?


  1. Put letter, printed paper or paper based items in a rectangle paper-based envelope.
  2. Write addresses clearly, correctly and completely.
  3. Use the correct postage fee to avoid delays.
  4. If sending mail within Singapore, use the correct six-digit postal code.
  5. Affix stamps on the top right-hand corner of envelope.

Can I send a parcel to Singapore from UK?

Send parcel to Singapore from UK With a range of express and economy courier delivery services available, you can arrange your parcel delivery to Singapore at a price that suits your budget with no loss of service. Up to £50.00 of protection with extra parcel protection available to the value of £5,000.00.

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What Cannot be shipped to Singapore?

The following items are prohibited from importation into Singapore: Any explosive or flammable substances; Poisons, including any preparation, solution, compounds, mixture or natural substances containing unless sent in accordance with the provisions of the Poisons Act (Cap. 234)

Can you post chocolate to Singapore?

Shipping To Singapore Your present to Singapore can be delivered in as quickly as 3 working days with express courier. So chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps, snacks and all the other goodies that go into our Gift Boxes are fine to send, although customs will occasionally inspect a parcel to check its contents.

Can I ship perfume to Singapore?

Perfume and Cologne However, some courier services like Fedex won’t ship perfumes and colognes at all. Even companies which do – like TNT – require proper labelling, packaging and documentation. That’s because perfumes and colognes are considered dangerous goods, no thanks to their flammable alcohol-based content.

How long does it take to send a parcel to Singapore from UK?

Transit times to Singapore Express services to Singapore usually take around two days. Some economy services can take 3-5 days. You will need to allow for additional time if your parcel is being collected from, or delivered to, an address that is considered “remote” by the carriers.

What World zone is Singapore?

Map indicates geographical zones (please note Singapore is in World Zone 2, and the USA is in World Zone 3).

Does FedEx ship to Singapore?

Express Delivery, Courier & Shipping Services. FedEx Singapore.

Can I send medicine to Singapore?

You are not allowed to buy, import or carry personal medications for another person except for family members that the products were initially intended for. Those caught doing so can be prosecuted under Singapore law. You are responsible for the effects of the medications you bring into Singapore.

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Can I post food in Singapore?

Travellers returning to Singapore can carry food products for personal consumption without first obtaining an import permit if: the type of food product is allowed; the amount is within the allowance; the source country is approved by SFA (see section ‘Conditions for Specific Types of Food’); and.

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