Often asked: Where To Buy Softball Gloves In Singapore?

What is the best brand of softball gloves?

Best Softball Glove Series for 2021

  • Wilson A2000 Series.
  • Rawlings Liberty Series.
  • Mizuno Classic Elite.
  • Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series.
  • Rawlings Custom Glove Series.

When should I buy a softball glove?

Age and Glove Size Age is one of the most important factors in glove sizing, but is not the ONLY factor. Girls from the ages 4-11 will be using at most an 11 inch glove. Once girls reach the age of 12, we recommend a 12 inch glove because nationwide they are required to switch over to a 12 inch ball.

Is there a specific glove for softball?

Softball Gloves are larger and longer than a traditional baseball glove, since softballs are bigger in size. Softball gloves are made for fastpitch or slowpitch, and the perfect softball glove depends on your position and personal preferences.

What is the best softball glove 2020?

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

  1. Wilson A2000 FP75 Super Skin 11.75″ Fastpitch Softball Glove – 2019 Model.
  2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO715SB-2CGB 11.75″ Fastpitch Softball Glove – 2019 Model.
  3. Wilson A2000 SR32 Super Skin GM 12″ Fastpitch Softball Glove – 2019 Model.
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What is the best softball brand?

Top 10 Softball Brands

  • Rawlings.
  • Mizuno.
  • Easton.
  • Demarini.
  • Nike.
  • Wilson.
  • Franklin.
  • Worth.

Are expensive softball gloves worth it?

An expensive glove won’t make you a better player, and the best players can strap cardboard on their hands and still shine. Paying extra for quality materials is understandable, but paying more for a brand name is not.

How do you pick a slow pitch softball glove?

FASTPITCH VS SLOW PITCH GLOVES Before purchasing a glove, consider whether you’re a fastpitch or slow pitch player. Slow pitch players, especially catchers and pitchers, may prefer a larger glove to accommodate the size of the ball.

What is a good size softball glove?

For softball players, 6 years and under, a glove size between 9 and 10 inches may do for all positions; a glove size between 10 and 11.5 is ideal for ages 7 to 9, also for all positions. For players ages 10 to 14, infielders may fit with 11.5 to 12.5, while outfielders can opt for 12 to 13.

What’s the difference between a slow pitch and fastpitch glove?

PITCHER’S GLOVES The key difference between these two games belongs on the pitcher’s mound. In slow pitch, there’s only one pitch — under hand and slow. In fastpitch, there’s much more variation, creating a pitcher’s need to hide his finger placement on the ball.

Can I use a baseball glove for softball?

Baseball gloves can be used for softball play. Outfield gloves have more surface area to catch the softball. Infield baseball gloves do not have the surface area to handle the large softball.

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Is Rawlings a good softball brand?

Rawlings Liberty Advanced is one of the best options if you are looking for a quality, durable fastpitch infield or outfield glove that will last you many years.

What is the best softball glove 2021?

6 Best Slow Pitch Gloves In 2021 [With One First Base Mitt]

  1. Rawlings Player Preferred 14″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove: P140BPS.
  2. Miken Player Series 13.5″ Slow Pitch Softball Glove: PS135-PH.
  3. Nokona X2 Buckaroo 13” Slow Pitch Softball Glove: X2-1300.
  4. Shoeless Joe Professional Series 14″ Softball Glove: 1400HW.

Are Wilson softball gloves good?

Wilson is a leader in female fastpitch softball gloves, crafting gloves for every type of player— from the pros to the little leagues. Known for their iconic A2000 glove series with SuperSkin material, Wilson makes great quality gloves for female fastpitch softball.

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