Often asked: Where To Buy Jujube In Singapore?

Does JuJuBe ship to Singapore?

While we do not currently provide international shipping on our products, our experienced and helpful international representatives can help you find an authorized JuJuBe retailer in your country!

Is Jujube the same as red dates?

Jujube fruit, also known as red or Chinese date, is native to Southern Asia but has become popular around the world. These small round fruits with a seed-containing pit grow on large flowering shrubs or trees (Ziziphus jujuba).

How long does it take jujube to ship?

We usually ship the order from our factory within 2-3 days of receiving it. And it takes up to 10-12 days by the shipping companies to make your order reach you.

What kind of jujube is the best?

Li is the best jujube variety. The biggest, meatiest, and sweet as well. Other well known varieties are shuimen, lang and pear.

What is jujube tree good for?

The jujube plant has potent natural therapeutic value, in promoting sleep and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting healthy digestion, protecting the heart and the brain, and offering protection against cancer. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on under the skin of this powerfully healthful plant.

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Is jujube good for weight loss?

Aids in Weight Loss Jujube fruits are a rich source of protein and fiber and very-low calorie content. When consumed it works to satisfy nutritional needs and gives a feeling of being filled-up. It is also helpful in decreasing glucose levels that prevent additional weight gain, especially belly fat.

Can jujube grow in pots?

Yes, growing jujube in pots is possible; in fact, in their native China, many apartment dwellers have potted jujube trees on their balconies.

Is jujube good for kidney disease?

In ibuprofen-induced nephrotoxicity rats, the intake of jujube extract (500 mg/kg) improved kidney function by declining the levels of creatinine and urea, and this treatment could prevent histopathological damages of kidney (Awad et al., 2014).

Can diabetics eat jujube fruit?

Because of the high dietary fiber content, jujube is very suitable for diabetics. Although diabetic patients eat a lot, but the food range is narrow, fast excretion, than normal people need more nutrition.

Are JuJuBe bags waterproof?

Ju Ju Be Bags are really designed as diaper bags or mom bags. They are all waterproof and have the micorfiber insides to help with germs. The waterproof feature was given the ultimate test during our weekend in Orlando.

Are JuJuBe bags machine washable?

YES! Caring for your JuJuBe bag and accessories will prolong their long and healthy life and help keep them looking great. Our cloth bags and accessories are machine washable for easy maintenance but be sure NOT to wash your bag with light colored or delicate items.

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