Often asked: Where To Buy Acca Textbook In Singapore?

Which is the best book for ACCA?

If you are already having much experience in accounting then you should buy books of different publishers for different papers. For example, materials of F5, P3 and P5 papers are best written by BPP Learning media. Similarly, Kaplan ACCA books for papers like the F3 and F7 are considered best.

Where can I buy ACCA books in Malaysia?

PMS Kaplan Bookstore (Malaysia) | PMS Publishers Services Singapore. PMS Kaplan Online Bookstore supports customers with easy and convenient access to purchase KAPLAN books for their ACCA, FIA and CIMA professional qualifications.

Where can I buy ACCA books in India?

Content providers

  • BPP.
  • Kaplan.
  • Shroff publishers.
  • Zamzam Publishers & Distributors, Chennai, mobile: +91 987 907 8136.

Can you self study for ACCA?

YES! It is very possible to study ACCA by yourself. All you need to do is to purchase a BPP/Kaplan Study Text and Revision Kit. ACCA have provided numerous resources for your exam preparations, most of which can be easily found on their official website.

Which book is better for ACCA BPP or Kaplan?

which is better? Bpp books contain more theory, way more theory then kaplan. Language of BPP is more technical then Kaplan. Practical examples are often very lenghty and more complicated then in Kaplan.

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Can ACCA be completed in 2 years?

How quickly can I complete the ACCA qualification? We run four exam sessions per year. Students can sit a maximum of four exams at each session, and a maximum of eight distinct exams each calendar year. You could therefore complete all of the exams in two years.

What books do I need for ACCA?

ACCA Foundations

  • Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)
  • Management Information (MA1)
  • Maintaining Financial Records (FA2)
  • Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)
  • Business and Technology (FBT)
  • Management Accounting (FMA)
  • Financial Accounting (FFA)
  • Foundations in Taxation (FTX)

How can I apply for ACCA in Malaysia?

In order to register for ACCA without going through the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) course, you must meet the following pre-university entry requirements:

  1. A-Level: Minimum of 2Es and 3 credits in SPM, including English and Mathematics.
  2. STPM: Minimum of 2Cs and 3 credits in SPM, including English and Mathematics.

How do I access Kaplan ebooks?

Kaplan books are available in eBook form for your convenience. You can download the eBook from your Study Plan onto any computer or mobile device. From your Study Plan, click on the Getting Started link on the left side of the page. Once logged into your Kaplan Account, you can start using your online resources.

What is ACCA salary India?

In India, the salary for ACCA is equivalent to the CA professional. The average salary for ACCA professionals is up to 8 lakh per annum. The pay scale is always between 4 to 15 lakh per annum—some of the big companies like PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, and EY.

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Is ACCA useful in India?

ACCA is also very popular as it provides end-to-end knowledge on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), which again is useful worldwide. That’s why, ACCA offers great scope and job opportunities not only in India but around the world.

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