FAQ: Where To Make Ic In Singapore?

How much does it cost to make IC in Singapore?

You will need to pay the following fees: S$10 for Singapore citizens. S$50 for Singapore permanent residents.

When can get IC in Singapore?

The Identity Card ( IC ) is a compulsory document that Singapore citizens and permanent residents must register when they reach the age of 15 (before their 16th birthday). In addition to the online registration, the enrolment of biometrics is required.

How much does a new IC cost?

Replacement Fees For Replacement Of NRIC Due To Loss ICA charges a replacement fee is $100 for the first loss and $300 for subsequent losses. Payment can be made using NETS, NETS FlashPay or CashCard. If your lost NRIC is found after a replacement has been issued, your old NRIC must be returned to the ICA.

How do I get a new NRIC?

Replacement of NRICs must be applied for in person at ICA in Singapore. If you are unable to apply for a replacement NRIC in person at ICA within 14 days, you need to inform ICA of the loss by email at [email protected]

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Is it mandatory to carry IC in Singapore?

Many countries require travellers as well as citizens to carry photo identification on them at all times. It must at least be a national identity card, such as a Singapore IC. A driver’s licence will not suffice.

How long does it take to replace IC Singapore?

The processing time for the replacement of an IC is one month. Upon receipt of payment, you will be issued with a collection slip providing the date from which the new replacement IC will be ready for collection.

Do foreigners have IC?

Since 2008, foreigners residing in Singapore on long-term passes are issued green-coloured polycarbonate Long Term Pass cards, replacing the formerly issued green paper-laminated cards and stamp endorsement on travel documents.

How can I check IC Issue Date Singapore?

The date of issue can be found at the back of your NRIC. For national servicemen, please approach your unit chief clerk for the date of issue stated at the back of your NRIC. For new cards with a QR code, you can use the SGWorkPass app on your mobile phone to scan the QR code for the card’s date of issue.

Can I change my IC photo?

ICA | Change of Particulars for/Damage of Identity Card. Identity Card (IC) holders may apply for a replacement if they wish to change their particulars/ photographs. Those whose identity cards are damaged or defaced are required to apply for a replacement within 14 days from the date of damage/ defacement.

What is IC photo size?

Singapore Passport Photo Size Requirements Photo size must be 35 mm wide by 45 mm high without border. Taken with the image of your face measuring between 25 mm and 35 mm from chin to crown of head.

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Can I go to ICA without appointment?

For services that are not available online or via the e-Appointment Service, you may come to the ICA Building. You should visit the ICA Building on your own, unless specified. The elderly, young children, and those who require special assistance, e.g. wheelchair-bound persons, can be accompanied by one other person.

Is NRIC same as fin?

NRIC Number: This is for Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore. FIN: This is for Foreign Individuals who work/reside in Singapore and hold a Work Pass Card such as an Employment Pass or an Immigration Pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”).

How much does it cost to replace damaged IC?

A replacement fee of $60 is charged for replacing a damaged NRIC to cover the costs incurred by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in providing this service. However, ICA will consider a waiver of the fee for cases which warrant special consideration.

What should I do if I lost my Malaysia IC in Singapore?

In case of lost Malaysian identity card or Malaysian driving license, please do the following:

  1. Report the loss to the nearest police station. (
  2. File a report at the Embassy/Consulate General/High Commission of Malaysia by submitting the following:
  3. a) A copy of the police report.

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