FAQ: Where To Buy Malaysian Sim Card In Singapore?

Can I buy Malaysian SIM card online?

Your first choice for buying a Malaysia sim card tourist pack is to purchase your sim card online before leaving home. This has the benefit of making it very easy to pick-up your prepaid sim on arrival so you are all set to go. This is the cheapest and easiest option for getting a travel internet sim card.

Can Malaysia SIM card be used in Singapore?

Malaysia mobile network will not reach almost all part of singapore except at the causeway or the second link.

Can I buy a SIM card in Singapore?

Buying a SIM card in Singapore is as easy as walking into a gas station, grocery store, post office, or phone shop. All you have to do is select the SIM card you want, present your passport, and pick a phone number, which is then registered with your passport details.

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Which SIM card is best in Malaysia?

If you want to buy a SIM card in Malaysia, I would recommend going with either Maxis because they have the highest speeds, according to OpenSignal, or Celcom because they have the best 4G/LTE availability in Malaysia. Other notable telecom providers are Yes, UniFi, and Altel.

Which network is best in Malaysia?

DiGi comes top for Download Speed Experience DiGi has overtaken Maxis for the top spot for Download Speed Experience. Our users on DiGi’s network have seen their speeds improve by an impressive 2.8 Mbps (26.1%) since our last report, while their counterparts on Maxis reported a decline of 2.5 Mbps (17.5%).

Which data plan is the best Malaysia?

U Mobile’s Giler Unlimited Prepaid GX30 is the best prepaid plan in Malaysia for its value. For only RM1 a day, you get unlimited data and unlimited calls to all networks. You also don’t just get unlimited data. It is one of the fastest prepaid plans out there with 6mbps speed, which allows you uninterrupted streaming.

Which prepaid SIM card is the best in Singapore?

The StarHub Travel prepaid SIM card provides the best roaming coverage across 17 destinations, including countries out of Asia. If you are only staying in Singapore, then the Singtel hi! Tourist SIM has the best value.

How do I top up my SIM card in Malaysia?

Activate a top up via shortcode

  1. A) Top up your own prepaid. Key in *138*(14-digit top up code)# For example: *138*11223344556789# B) Top up for a friend. Key in *138*(14-digit top up code)*(the number you want to top up)# For example: *138*11223344556789*0181234567#
  2. Press “Call”
  3. Wait for top-up confirmation SMS.
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How many SIM cards can a person have in Malaysia?

Service Providers and their representatives shall not register more than 5 SIM cards per customer/user. This requirement will not affect existing Individual customers who have registered for more than 5 SIM cards prior to the enforcement of these Guidelines.

Where can I buy smart SIM card in Singapore?

Smart Pinoy is a SIM card from SMART Communications, which you can buy at Lucky Plaza, 7-eleven, Cheers and some cellphone dealers here in Singapore.

How many SIM card can I buy in Singapore?

SINGAPORE — From today, one person can buy a total of only three prepaid SIM cards — down from 10 — as the authorities try to prevent the service from being exploited by criminals.

Is WiFi free in Singapore?

Free WiFi service is offered and available for login at some shopping malls, restaurants and cafes in Singapore.

What is the cheapest SIM card in Malaysia?

Prepaid SIM Costs While Maxis is usually the most expensive provider, cell service (and data in particular) is relatively cheap in Malaysia no matter which company you choose. The Hotlink SIM card itself cost 10MYR ($2.50), which included 5MYR of credit valid for five days.

Can foreigners buy SIM card in Malaysia?

Good to know: A mobile SIM for a portable WiFi router is also a convenient way to stay connected in Malaysia if you’re only there for a shorter period of time. Foreigners can buy a traveller SIM pack at KLIA2 when they land.

Which is better Digi or Maxis?

In terms of video experience, Digi is the winner at 62.7 points, followed by Maxis at 61.2, U Mobile at 59.3 and Unifi at 57.9. Not surprisingly, we also see the same trend for download speed experience with Digi being the winner at 13.3Mbps, followed by Maxis at 11.9Mbps and U Mobile at 9.6Mbps.

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