FAQ: Where Can We Buy Rainbow Loom In Singapore?

Is Rainbow Loom banned?

The Rainbow Loom bracelets have been banned in schools in New York, Connecticut and central Florida, but encouraged elsewhere, such as at Arroyo Elementary in Tustin.

Where is Rainbow Loom located?

Rainbow Loom is a plastic tool used to weave colorful rubber and plastic bands (called loom bands) into decorative items such as bracelets and charms. It was invented in 2010 by Cheong Choon Ng in Novi, Michigan.

What is the best Rainbow Loom?

The Best Loom Bands and Kits for Creating Handmade Keepsakes

  1. Rainbow Loom Combo Set.
  2. Inscraft Rainbow Rubber Bands Refill Kit.
  3. Mudo Nest Rubber Bands Refill Set.
  4. Beadery Wonder Loom.
  5. YITOHOP Rubber Loom Bands Kit.

Is Rainbow Loom safe?

The researchers found that while Rainbow Loom’s own name-brand products were safe, some charms made by knockoff brands contained high levels of phthalates, a class of carcinogenic chemicals.

Why did loom bands become unpopular?

Toy retailer The Entertainer has withdrawn loom band charms from sale after they were found to contain high levels of cancer-causing chemicals. Tests showed one charm contained 40% of banned phthalates, a chemical that makes plastic flexible, with EU law stating 0.1% is the legal limit.

What age is good for Rainbow Loom?

Rainbow Loom is for ages “8 and up,” so while, as a 26-year-old female, I am not the target audience for the toy, I am not not the target audience either.

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Why did Rainbow Loom die?

The Rainbow Loom trend, some have said, is over. The plastic loom with the tiny, colorful rubber bands used by tweens to make bracelets, rings, even flip-flops, was declared dead last Christmas, due to over-distribution.

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