FAQ: How To Book Singapore Airline With Points To Eurpo?

How do I redeem my Singapore Airlines miles?

To redeem, simply:

  1. Log in to your KrisFlyer account on KrisShop.com.
  2. Shop and add items you wish to purchase to your shopping bag.
  3. During checkout, slide or key in the number of KrisFlyer miles you would like to use. Pay for the rest of your purchase with your credit or debit card.

Can I transfer my KrisFlyer miles to another airline?

22. Transfer of miles from a member’s KrisFlyer account to another account in a different frequent flyer programme, and vice versa, is not allowed. Transfer of KrisFlyer miles from one member’s account to another member’s account is also not permitted.

How do I book a flight with Velocity Points Singapore Airlines?

To make a booking please visit the Singapore Airlines website or contact your preferred travel agent and enter your Velocity Frequent Flyer Member details at time of booking. Note: The above earn rates also apply to flights operated by Virgin Australia with a SQ flight number.

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What can I do with KrisFlyer points?

Aside from redeeming or paying for flights, your KrisFlyer miles can be used for:

  1. Conversions into Shangri-La Golden Circle.
  2. Booking hotels and rental cars on KrisFlyer vRooms.
  3. Buying merchandise on KrisShop.
  4. Conversions into PAssion TapForMore points.
  5. Spending at offline merchants via KrisPay.

Do Singapore Airlines give free upgrades?

According to Loyalty Lobby, Singapore Airlines and Mastercard are offering a free Business Class upgrade for paying customers booked into Economy Class. This space available upgrade is available on selected flights originating from Bangkok to Singapore.

Can I transfer Singapore Airlines points to United?

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles are some of the easiest points and miles to come by. You can easily transfer the bonus miles from credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve into your KrisFlyer account to book award tickets on Singapore or partner airlines like United.

Do Singapore Airlines frequent flyer points expire?

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Mileage Expiration Once Again Deferred Until April 2022. KrisFlyer has previously extended miles by six months and now has introduced yet a new policy for miles expiring July 2021 and March 2022, including those already extended previously.

What is the value of 1 KrisFlyer mile?

How much do Singapore Airlines think a KrisFlyer mile is worth? Just 1 cent (or, more accurately, 1.02 cents ). That’s because it’s what they’ll give you off any full fare ticket when you choose to part-pay with miles.

Which airline can use KrisFlyer miles?

Award redemptions for partner airlines can be done via KrisFlyer Membership Services and will be available for redemption on singaporeair.com progressively. These include Alaska Airlines, Vistara, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and Juneyao Airlines.

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How much is 40000 Velocity points worth?

With 40,000 points, you can book four one-way journeys for 10,000 points each. These flights can often be quite expensive with cash. Given that the Hawaiian Islands are so close together, the longest flight you’ll take is just 50 minutes.

What does 10000 Velocity points get you?

Yep, with your 10,000 Points, you can fly between Sydney and Melbourne or Sydney and Brisbane using the Velocity Points you’ve clocked up (from 7,800 Velocity Points + plus taxes, carrier charges and applicable fees).

Can I transfer my Flybuys points to velocity?

To be eligible to earn Velocity Status Credits or transfer your Flybuys points to Velocity, a member of the Flybuys household must link to a Velocity membership. Once linked, Flybuys points earned by the household can be manually transferred to the linked Velocity account by any member of the Flybuys household.

How do I maximize KrisFlyer miles?

Start earning miles with your credit card

  1. Look for credit cards with generous lump-sum bonuses.
  2. Optimise miles collection across different cards.
  3. Pay for things in advance.
  4. Buy high-value items that retain value over time.
  5. Redeem miles with other membership points.
  6. Find deals that give you extra miles.

How much is 1000 KrisFlyer miles?

By now, it should be quite apparent that the value of a KrisFlyer mile is personal and different people have different valuations for it because of the way the type of flight they redeem. Our calculations show that 1,000 KrisFlyer miles can have a wide range of valuations from $12.40 to $54.80.

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Can I use KrisFlyer points on Virgin Australia?

Yes. KrisFlyer members can redeem KrisFlyer miles on Virgin Australia operated domestic and international service. Contact the KrisFlyer contact centre to redeem your miles on Virgin Australia on +61 2 9350 0203.

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