FAQ: How Much Is Season Parking Singapore?

How much is HDB season parking?

The CSP is priced at $20 per month. If you are an existing season parking holder, you can top up $3 or $5 per month for the CSP, depending on the type of car park serving your HDB flat/ HDB shop with living quarters (source car park).

How much does parking cost in Singapore?

From December, HDB and URA parking will cost $0.60 or $1.20 per half-hour, depending on the area you’re parking at. That means you pay between 1.20 SGD to 2.40 SGD per hour. When it comes to private parking, you usually-though not always—end up paying more.

How much does it cost to park at HDB?

For car parks implemented with EPS, parking charges are still based on the current coupon parking charges, that is, 60 cents per half an hour for non-restricted area car parks, and $1.20 per half an hour for restricted area car parks. The only difference is that the charges are now calculated on a per-minute basis.

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Can I buy two HDB season parking?

More FAQs Related to HDB Season Parking Yes, you can apply for more than one season parking. However, do note that the charges will be different for your second vehicle due to the different tiers.

How do I know if Season parking is paid?

To check the validity of your season parking and the car parks you can park at, you can login to My HDBPage. You will also be able to look for other car parks that you can park at, if your preferred one is full.

What is Season parking Singapore?

Season parking allows you to park your vehicle near your home or workplace on a regular basis at a fixed monthly rate. Apply for motorists working nearby; or for second and subsequent vehicles of residents in nearby dwelling unit; or for HV drivers with existing HV season parking tickets.

Where can I get parking coupons in Singapore?

Where Can I Buy Parking Coupons? You can buy $0.60, $0.65, $1.20, $2.40 and $5.00 (Night) parking coupons at Cheers, 7-Eleven, most petrol kiosks and any appointed authorised sale outlets (all approved sales outlets will display the authorized coupon signboard at their premises).

When should I buy season parking?

Motorists are highly encouraged to purchase their season parking once it is open for booking, as the season parking sales will be opened to other priority groups in the subsequent days.

Where can I park my car in Singapore?

Top 10 Car Parks in Singapore That Offer Free Parking (2020)

  • Mustafa Centre. It isn’t a free-parking-in-Singapore list if it doesn’t begin with Mustafa Center.
  • Grandstand.
  • Dempsey Hill.
  • West Coast Park.
  • Clarke Quay.
  • Gillman Barracks.
  • OUE Downtown.
  • Star Vista.
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What is HDB season parking?

With valid season parking, you can park at any car park in an HDB car park group at any time, without having to display parking coupons. Season parking is for long-term parking, and is sold on a calendar month basis. Parking lots in high occupancy car parks are allocated according to order of priority.

How many times can I transfer season parking?

You can temporarily transfer your season parking for a maximum of 31 days.

Can HDB season parking be prorated?

Effective date of refund First-time purchasers can apply season parking for the current month with full rate or buy a longer-term season parking with pro-rated charge for the current month plus following month(s).

What is family season parking?

With Family Season Parking (FSP), you can park at the car park lots reserved for Season Parking holders near your family members’ home, at all hours of the day.

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